Let’s Dance!

step up 23…2…1 yo!!

Here we go..

Move your leg.. move your ass. Can you follow me?? Hahahahaha…. 😆

Hey everybody, whats up??

Have you seen Step Up 2-The Street?? Not yet?? Hahahaha… you’re so left behind. I recommend you to see it immediately for you guys who haven’t seen it yet. It’s a great movie, not only for the dancers but also for all circles or professions could watch it,,<it’s possible you can dance after u see it.hehehehe..>  you are gonna be entertained by looking their dance, even for they who are getting stress or depress, hahahaha (Oops, I’m sorry, I didn’t meant…) you’ll feel better like having no problems.

Okay, I’ll tell you a little bit about Step Up 2 movie, but the rest just see it. I promise you won’t get bored.

:: Step Up 2-The Street is something like dance competition and shows the moves where the dancers should have a crew. But it’s not easy to register the crew to The Street. The first thing to do is the crew must record their dance through by video recorded and show it to “The Prank”. A good dance should be unique, awesome, cool, free and those the requirements to join The Street..

Four-One-Oh is a well-known crew at that moment with Tuck as a leader. They have a great move, free dance. They have won the competition five times. Andie (Briana Evigan) with Chase(Robert Hoffman), the Maryland School of the Arts students, also make a crew. They recruit 8 people, known as a MSA crew. Moose (Adam G. Sevani), one of MSA crew is my best dancer. He moves like Michael Jackson did. I never imagined he can move, Director Collins  (Will Kemp) even never imagined he did. After a lot of practices they had, finally the competition’s coming. Four-One-Oh, MSA crew, and other crews just be ready to compete…

And what comes next?? What’s the surprise thing??

Just see the movie.. 😀


~ by Zhoya on August 19, 2009.

17 Responses to “Let’s Dance!”

  1. yayayaya…..lets dance!!!!
    Sie schütteln die Stiefel ..
    Vor HOray sagen!!!!!

  2. hahah life as a student is damn hectic i guess

  3. hem…..
    Step Up 2-The Street good movie but ……………..

  4. Have you seen Step Up 2-The Street??

    Hehehe. This is old movie. I was saw this movie March 2009.

    • ya ya ya….
      emang pilem lama…
      biar pilemny ud lama,,
      msih ad tuh yg bleum nonton..

      gue mah lebih lama lgi nontonnya.. sebelum maret…

  5. wew,best movie ever…
    udh nntn berkali-kali,tp ttp aja ssh mw niruin gerakannya…

  6. thanks for the visit. see u more again

  7. oalah

  8. hehhh,ratu dancer…
    sy ingat ji,tapiiii biasa aja ah…
    blm tw ya,diriku jg wktu sma ratu dancer donggg…
    seluruh kota tw grup dance gw,hebatttt…

  9. weits,udh bakat terpendam tuh dr sd…
    cm br bs d salurin wktu sma…
    pasti keren lahhhh,klo ga keren duitnya ga akan ngalir dongggg…

  10. yahhh mendingan dancer bayaran lah,drpd cwe bayaran…
    mmm yg jlas bkn gayanya niniek spears,ahuhuhu…
    awal2nya sih msh nyontek gerakan d pilm honey,abis itu liat2 dance2 d you tube dehhhh…

  11. Что то Автор почти совсем перестал писать новые темы и даже админить блог? Может чего случилось?

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