Suckin Day…

Suckin Day07.30 a.m. I was late, I guess. The class started at 07.30 a.m., but I was still at home. I was not so fast even I knew it takes at least 15 minutes to get campus. That was Monday. I had 3 classes, Structure IV, Reading IV, and Drama.

07.47, I got in campus. With the slowly steps, I came into class and it was already full even my seniors who were repeat also be ready for receive the class. Unfortunately Mr. Hariyanto hadn’t come yet (fiuhhhh….!),, but there wasn’t empty chair left. So I took the chair from other class. Then, I sat and began to talk with friends. But the surprise thing for me, they were not like usual,, Each of them were busy by reading his own book (structure book). What the hell is going on? Some discussed and some memorized, and I did nothing, that’s why Meti ask me, “hey,, you’re ready for structure examination later, right?  As I guess, you always prepare everything well. No wonder you got A!!” Then, she back memorized!

What ?? examination ????!!!

“ Hey,, are u kidding me ?? I didn’t know.” I replied.

“What do you mean you didn’t know?!! Last week, Mr.Hariyanto told us at the end of class, remember??”

“I didn’t know. I didn’t prepare anything. I didn’t open my book last night.” I was really shocked. Really .. I was shocked,,

“Hohoho… I believe you can do it well, you’re smart student even you had no preparation.” She said

Yea,, at least that statement make me roomy.. but it’s not enough anyway. I still worried about myself. I can’t do it well.

Then I opened my book. I couldn’t know from where I start on account of shocked..

Meti added, “From the top until page 143!!!”

Ohh…dear God !!!

I repeat again ‘from the top till page 143, yea page 143! (T_T)

I looked around,, they looked ready for exam , and I my self ??? (Huuhuuuu….)
I was yelling in my heart. DAMN IT !!!

…suddenly, Denny yelled, “ he is coming, he is coming!!!”

Oh God !!! Not now sir, please not now sir .

My friends had prepared a piece of paper and I still read the book !!! (T.T)

(somebody kill me !!! Huuuhuuuu….),, But I tried to look calm, relax like having no problem to get my friend’s attention and impression that I really-really a smart and cool girl (huhehehehehee….)… but deep inside I cried (huuhuuu..)

“Well everybody,,” he started.

“Today, I’d like to give you examination, multiple choice Question 50 numbers, but…..”

BUT????? Yea,, but, but what ???

“But unfortunately,, I leave the papers at home.. and I wanna sorry for that ..”

Directly I yelled (but still in my heart-that’s really I wanna heard) of course I still kept my image… I still looked cool, and relax (heheheheheeeee…)



“if I’m not mistaken,, I gave you assignment, didn’t I ???? Have you done??” Mr. Hariyanto asked.

“Yes,, sir!!!”


Assignment ???

What assignment !!???

I looked to the right and left .

“OK! You Zhoya !!! Answers no 1 till 10 !!!”

“ GLEKKKKKK !!!!! (T_T)


~ by Zhoya on August 20, 2009.

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