The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

untitledI don’t remember when it was. My classmate, Herna, told me that Mr. Hariyanto assigned us to review an English movie. On that day, I didn’t attend bcos I got sick. For me, that assignment’s not hard for me… My hobby is watch English movie. Beside the story, I could learn the language directly, know the slang, the dirty words 😀 , and I could directly listen the good pronunciation and accent they have.  As I said that I’m an English student, so I must enhance my English.

To review a movie, I had watched some famous movies, such as Death or Alive (DOA), 21, Benjamin Button, Transporter 3, Sleepover, Ice Age 1 and 2, August Rush, Bedtime Stories, Step Up 1 and 2, and many more. But I chose Benjamin Button. I believed that would be a great review, beside, on that time, Benjamin Button hadn’t published yet in theater, and I was the one who had seen it.

So, for u guys, before u watch Benjamin Button, I suggest u to read my review first, so that you could get more excited to see it.

And here’s the Benjamin Button Review:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This famous film is acted by Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button and Cate Blanchett as Daisy.

Once upon a time, there was a man bore with wrinkle skin, just like an old man. He was born under unusual circumstances. He was not like a baby as usual. His parents couldn’t believe it. His father, Thomas Button, did not want to have him as a child. He thought that the baby was not a real baby, but a monster. Thomas took away his son. He intended to throw him away, but he still loved his son actually. Finally, he decided to keep the baby in the old folks’ house. He put him on the stair of the house and put some money in his blanket. Queeny, the owner of the house, was surprised to see the strange baby on the stair. Queeny pitied the baby, so that she took him in her house, and considered him her son. She announced to the all old people who lived there about the baby. Queeny named him Benjamin.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, Benjamin was ten years old. Something difference with his appearance. He still looked like an old man but not when he’s still one year old. He looked younger than before. Benjamin realized his changing. He felt very good. One day, Benjamin met Daisy at the party of his house. Daisy came with her granny, they were special guests. At the first time, Benjamin was directly interested with Daisy. She was a beautiful girl with blue eyes. At that time, Benjamin was ten years old, but like fifty six years old, and Daisy was seven. They introduced each other, and from that they became a close friend. Benjamin told Daisy everything about his self. He told Daisy that he was actually still young just like Daisy, but only on the outside he looked old. Daisy couldn’t believe it firstly. Benjamin tried to convince her, and finally he believed. She liked Benjamin. She thought that she was falling in love with him, but she didn’t tell Benjamin.

At the age of seventeen, Benjamin decided to go somewhere for awhile to find a job. He left his house, his mother (Queeny), and Daisy. He would be back. Daisy was very sad. Benjamin promised her to send postcard everywhere he went.

For eight years, Benjamin and Daisy didn’t meet, but they knew each other by sending postcard. Benjamin told her that he was falling in love with someone, and that made Daisy jealous, and Daisy joined ballet club and she became the best and famous dancer.

Suddenly, Benjamin returned. Queeny and others were surprised and very happy. Benjamin was very glad back to home. He was looking for Daisy, but she had gone. He missed Daisy very much. Queeny noticed his son deeply. Benjamin was very different. He was not like an old man anymore with wrinkle skin and hunchbacked. Ho looked younger, taller, and stronger. Benjamin recognized the strange of his self. On the outside, he grew up younger not became older. And, he was very handsome.

Benjamin met Daisy at the second time. Not long after Benjamin returned, Daisy came back to the old folks’ house. Absolutely, Daisy was very shocked meet Benjamin. Daisy finally told Benjamin that she loved him very much and didn’t want to stay away from him. Benjamin also loved her very much. They decided to live together. At that time, Benjamin was forty five and Daisy was forty three. It was not a strange couple anymore. There was not too old and too young, because they had the same appearance. They were matching couple. For three years live together, they had a child. It was a baby cute girl. She was born like the baby as usual. Her name was Caroline. Daisy was very happy but Benjamin didn’t think so. Benjamin asked Daisy to find the real father of Caroline. He didn’t want to see Caroline has a father like a playmate. It was also impossible for Daisy could raise both of them. At the midnight, Benjamin left. He left his wife, and Caroline. He went to India, so far away. He left before Caroline could ever remember him.

Twelve years passed. Daisy was fifty five and Caroline was eleven. She had a new husband, Robert. He was a terrific father for Caroline. Suddenly, Benjamin came back. Daisy was very shocked. Benjamin came without telling her. Believe or not, Benjamin was too young just like the boy about 15 years old, and Daisy, her skin grew old and saggy. Benjamin met his daughter and Robert. Daisy introduced Benjamin to her family that he was her family’s friend. By looking at Benjamin, Daisy realized that she couldn’t raise both of them. Actually, Daisy missed him very much but she couldn’t do anything. And Benjamin never stopped loving her. After that moment, they lose contact. Robert passed away and Benjamin disappeared.

In the morning, there was a call. Daisy had a call from Mr. Hernandez of Child Welfare Services Department. She decided to meet him at the folks’ house where Mr. Hernandez called. He said that he found the boy named Benjamin. Mr. Hernandez knew Daisy by reading Benjamin’s diary. And finally, Daisy met Benjamin. He was playing a piano. Daisy approached him, but he didn’t need to be touched. Benjamin didn’t know anything, she confused. He looked like a boy about ten years old. He was too young. He got dementia. He didn’t remember anything, including Daisy. At that time, Daisy was seventy five. Daisy decided to move him to another place. They lived together. She took care of him. Benjamin was five when she moved in, nearly the same age she was when she had met him. Benjamin was growing younger and younger. The days passed, and she watched as he forgot how to walk, and how to talk.

In the spring of 2003, Benjamin looked at Daisy on her lap. Benjamin became a baby. The baby as usual, not like when he bore at the first time. And then, he closed his eyes as if he would go to sleep, instead of he died. He died on Daisy’s lap in peaceful. Yeah, Benjamin was unusual man. He was born in very old condition and passed away in very young, as a baby.

How’s that?? it’s not too long, isn’t it??? hehe 😀 ….


~ by Zhoya on August 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

  1. Kapan2 nonton ah…

  2. its too early to judge,
    b’cuz life isn’t divided into genres.
    its horrifying, tragic, romantic, comical, science-fiction, …
    Tp storyx gag spenuhx fiksi klo dibaca brulang”
    Pesan yg disampaikan jg dalem bgd…
    Ahh~ If i were Benjamin

  3. kunjungan balik

    salam kenal juga

  4. cool 🙂

  5. CCOF Benjamin B,,, is a gud movie with a gud value that ever made,,,, coba saja ada kasus yg sperti itu di zaman skrg ini,, apa gak ngiris tuh,,, miris bgt critanya,,, saluut buat penulisnya,,,,two thums up deh,,,!!!

  6. i did not watch the movie yet….but wow! that review is awesome!
    thumps up

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