Foreigner Come to ‘Village’ (Bule’ Masuk Kampung)

It was Monday, Structure IV class, Mr. Hariyanto (again and again). I was receiving the material from him, we discussed about Preposition, how and when to use it. On that time, I was so bored. I didn’t enjoy the class. Just read and then answered the questions (Booooriiinnggg!), nothing interesting. Nevertheless, I still kept focused on him and doing the exercise well (that’s why Mr. Hariyanto proud of me lol). In the middle of time, Fadly, Business English student, suddenly came into my class and asked permission to Mr. Hariyanto. I didn’t know exactly what they were talking about, but I guess the class would be stopped for awhile, perhaps there’s something important would be informed. In fact, Fadly didn’t come alone, he was with a group of foreigner, yea there were 3 foreigner, 2 women and a man. (Duh.. cowo’ nya cakep tuh!). Later that time, Mr. Hariyanto said good bye and left the class (Hahahaha… good bye, have a nice day! See ya next week!). Fadly took turn the class and introduced their names and their purpose come to our campus. They were John, Vicky, and Jaya. (especially for Jaya, I really couldn’t imagine her name’s Jaya. As I know “Jaya” is an Indonesian’s name or Asian’s name. Jaya is a beautiful girl, Vicky too. John?? Wow, he’s cool. They’re really tall, we looked so small in front of them. Okay, leave it then). They came to our campus to share their education, lifestyle, and culture. Vicky’s from Arkansas, John’s from Texas, and Jaya herself I don’t remember. Jaya herself was a translator to help us if we didn’t understand what they said. She could speak Indonesia, very fluently.

When time was given to Vicky and John, my friends and I got focused on them to listen. Vicky’s the first speaker, and she started.

bule masuk kampung

“Hello! My name’s Vicky, I’m from Arkansas, America. I’m…….bla..bla..bulp…bulp…bulp… @#^%$**#$@*#. I’m bulp…bulp..bulp..bla..bla..bla…. &^@$)*&@!$%*$%%@)(#%^………………………………….”

“Hello! My name’s John. I’m from texas. I’m….bulpbulpbulp… bla… bla…bla… (*#*@^(%)$#@*$$%(@… F^#*@%#@(*@!^%* and… bulpbulpbulp..bla..bla..bla.. &*#^@)%@*%#^@((%&#@*… Bulpbulp bla..bla..bla…. ……. …………… …………”

Then, he nodded his head as a sign it’s enough.

What happened next?????





No voice…No sound!!

Gyahahahahahaha…. I laughed to myself.

Really, I couldn’t catch what they said. They speak so fast. I turned to the left and right, noticed my friends, but they got confused anyway. Some scratch their heads, some discussed, some just dazed, gawk (open-mouthed), but there some anyway nodded their heads as if they understand but I’m sure they not. Gyahahahaha…..

Jaya realized it, so she tried to translate into Indonesia. When she did, we directly yelled, ”Ooooooooo………” (“Oooohhhh begitu’.. daritadi kek – logat Makassar. Gyahahahahaha…. Dasar bego’!!

The interesting thing for me, Vicky and John just spent their time only for the useful things. That’s STUDY and WORK. They wrote their schedule from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., I could guess, they’re really busy. Besides that, after dinner, they continued study till they go to bed and study before go to campus. Wow… fantastic! Hey Indonesian, could we be like that???? I was remembered in our country. The Indonesians also do the useful things, that’s EAT and SLEEP!

It’s discussion time. We had a chance to ask them related to education, lifestyle, and culture. My friend, (I don’t remember who), asked, ”Every I see a movie, American movie, English movie, etc, they kiss and making love each other even they don’t really know each other. Moreover the students, they’re so brave did it and wear hot suits in their school. Is it really true ur culture?” (Oh shit! My friend’s really so dare ask that question).

Vicky and John shook their head, they couldn’t catch what my friend said. (ya ya ya.. she still had a bad pronunciation.) But again and again, Jaya helped. John answered that it’s not really their culture. It’s just a movie, entertainment. Vicky added, “You may see us now, we are different from them (while she showed her suit)”. Ya ya ya….

And the next, the second question come from my senior, Kristianto. Everybody focused on him (secara doi kan senior gitu…) with a high confident and louder voice, he asked, “WHAT IS THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN ARKANSAS AND KANSAS????”


Spontaneously we laughed, Gyahahahaha….hahahahaha…hahahaha….

Stupid question!

(Dasar bego’! bikin malu-maluin aj nih orang)

Nevertheless, they still appreciated that question, no laugh! (wow… I’m so proud of them).

Actually, there’re so many questions but I don’t remember anymore, but I’ll tell u the last question which come from me (ehm…ehmm.) I asked, “Do u pay ur study by yourself and have already live separate from ur parents? As I know, if a child has already 17 years old, he must find a job to fulfill his life.”

Vicky said, ”Yes. Now on I rent a house, and I’m working too. I pay my study by myself. Um.. actually not 17 but 18. When I was 18, I’d already lived separate from my parents.” She speak slowly..

Bujug buneng… keren banged yak?? Patut ditiruin tuh!! Jauh amat beda’a tuh ma Negara kite.. udah punya 5 anak juga masih tinggal seatap ma ortu.. ckckckckck…

John, Vicky, you are really awesome…


~ by Zhoya on August 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Foreigner Come to ‘Village’ (Bule’ Masuk Kampung)”

  1. mmmmmmmmmmm……..

  2. wah,,, bule nya masuk kampung akuh juga donkz,,,, hehehehe

  3. Lol…Kayaknya si Jhon tu albino, dech…haha.Soal keteladanan orang luar, Indonesia cuman 1 yang diadopsi, they re all fond of making love each other after school….Parah bgt kan…

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