The Man who Dissappeared

DISSAPPEAREDIt’s not a novel, short story or something like that. It’s about of what I’ve experienced. Yeah I know the title is like a novel, as I had read one of literature (novel) with the title is “The Woman Who Disappeared”. Hmmm…. I just like inspired from that, but of course the content is different. Anyway, have u read that novel?? It’s good story. It’s about detective who was assigned to search Elaine Garfrield who disappeared.  Okay, leave it then.

What I want to tell u now is……

I have a friend. His initial’s name is “B” who from New Zealand. Actually, I’ve never met him before. I knew him from FaceBook. – I’m also new in FaceBook anyway. On July 2009, I made a FB of myself –

How could we know each other???

After I finished register myself in facebook, I went directly search Valentino Rossi, – I love Rossi very much. And I’m really excited to see every his championship in MotoGP – and I entered in “Valentino Rossi official facebook. There’re so many topics there. But the exciting one for me is “Which battle do u like the most? Vale vs Lorenzo OR Vale vs Stoner”. Besides that, there’re so many visitors all over the world gave a comment, and most of them like Vale vs Lorenzo, including me. I read every comment, and there I found “B”. From his picture, I could see that he’s motoGP maniac. He looked so fantastic on his bike. – just like rider… kale aja emang pembalap – He ride Suzuki…., I don’t remember the type. From his comment, I could know that he really like Rossi, Vale vs Lorenzo than Vale vs Stoner. Later that time, I added him as my friend.

Tomorrow morning, I opened my FB and I found myself was accepted to be his friend. And, we chat….

We talked everything about motoGP, from Vale, the battle (duel) Vale vs Lorenzo, and he told me that he’s ever been in Catalunya and Donington Park 2005. Wow … amazing! o yea, he doesnt like Stoner, really hate. I asked, “How come u hate stoner?? You support him instead.” Then he said, “Thin ice friend.. New Zealanders and Australians are beef each other.” He asked me where I from, I said Indonesia (Eh, Australia ama Indonesia kan Negara tetangga!) He used to use slang. He forgot that I’m from Indonesia which English is not my official language. Sometimes, I didn’t understand what he said. But I asked him back what “Thin Ice friend” means?? Then he said, “It means ur comment bout me supporting Stoner was like walking on thin ice… a dangerous thing to say to me.” Then he added, “It’s really good being friends with u. No one of my friends really like into it (motoGP).”

He’s 29 years old. I told him that I’m female. He got surprised. He really couldn’t imagine that I’m a girl. On that time, I didn’t put my pic, just Naruto Animation (Tobi-Akatsuki picture). He thought that I’m a guy.

He told me that he got engaged with his girlfriend. Her initial’s name is “E”. He loves her very much. He loves her than anything. He said that he hasn’t set a date yet but they’ll get married around November-December 2009.

Me         : Does E like motoGP just like u?

B   : No, she’s not. She’s not too interested wit it. Besides, she doesn’t understand.

Me         : Then, u must search a woman who likes motoGP… lol

He laughed!!

B   : Do u have a boyfriend???

Me         : No (bo’ong-bo’ong)

B   : How come u don’t hv a boyfriend??

Me         : It’s hard for me to search the right person. Just waiting for the best. J

Several days later, I changed my primary picture. I put a real pic not a cartoon anymore. When I chat with him, he’s praising me.

B   : I like ur pic. U are beautiful.

Me         : Thank u…

B   : U will find lots of guys saying u are beautiful. How many guys saying u r beautiful today?? Now u will get a boy.

I just said, “Thanks”.

Day after day…

I still kept contact with him. I asked him to show his pic to me. I really wanna see his face. I tried to search in his album but nothing, only his primary pic. In his pic, he’s using helmet.

Me         : Where’s ur pic??

B   : I’m not good looking..

Me         : No, I’ll never mind. I just wanna see ur face. That’s all!

Bobby   : I told u I’m not good looking…

Since then, he looked different. I tried to keep contact with him but he seldom replied..

B   : Why r u so nice to me, instead I’ll get married. I worried, I worried!

Me         : What do u mean? Should we stop talking? Is that what u r trying to say?

B   : No, We’re still buddys. We still talk about motoGP.. I’m just worried.

Me         : Be honest!

B   : Yea, I WOULD BE MORE COMFORTABLE IF WE DIDN’T SPEAK. Sorry! Sorry, I hurt u. I must give my attention to E..

Later that day, he disappeared. He didn’t do the chat. I wall him through FB: Hi B. Where are u?? are u okay?? U know how much im gonna miss u..

No Replied…

Till now.. I’m still waiting..

Huft! I remember when we talked about motoGP.. both of us like Vale and hate Stoner.


~ by Zhoya on August 28, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Man who Dissappeared”

  1. OK I see you

  2. so beating
    the rest will like what????
    A good title for this story

  3. oh… Zhoya…kisah mu bener niy…?
    mank suka gitu ya… kadang kita bisa jatuh hati oleh seseorang di dalam facebook… huft…
    tapi kisah mu mnarik sekali…
    sampe sekarang akhirnya gimana Mr. B???
    kadang qita gak maw lepas kontak sama se2orang itu ya… tapi dia nya cuek aja…hiks..hiks…
    tapi Zhoya… tetep semangat ya say… ^^

    • ho’oh beneran niihh..

      bukan W jg jatuh hati.. tp si dya nya tuhh kepincut ma W..hehehe..

      gag tw niih..
      si B gag pernah muncul eung..
      hiks..hikss..klo ad juga tar W bikin cerita selanjut’y..
      kangen jg nih,,
      abis kta be2 punya kesamaan gitu..
      palagi klo ngomongin motoGP..
      klo ad juga tar W bikin cerita selanjut’y..

  4. it’s cool..
    r u felt in love with him? or just friend?

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