Never Late to Learn (Join with us!)

childrenOne day, when I was 14 years old, I joined English course, namely AUSEC (Australia English Course), now ELC (English Language Course). Most of the students were Chinese. They were really smart, I thought.
At the first day, we didn’t directly learn. Miss Emma as our teacher asked about ourselves just like introduction of course by using English. (I was really nervous because I really didn’t know English much. Fortunately, I was sitting at the corner, so I’m the last one).
Miss Emma : What’s your name??
Tony : Tony
Miss Emma : Okay Tony, how are u today??
Tony : ….. ……
Miss Emma : (till waiting for the answer)
Tony : …. …. (smile-senyum senyum)
Miss Emma : How are u??
Tony : (Scratch his head)…
Miss Emma : Okay… gimana kabarnya?? (Miss Emma finally using Indonesia)
Tony : Ooooo….. baik! Baik-baik Mam (Logat Makassar)


In fact, not only Tony, but almost the students didn’t understand the question. Later if Miss Emma asked in Indonesia, they could understand. (ckckckck… segitu parahnya kah bangsa Indonesia ini???? Padahal Miss Emma ngasih pertanyaan yg mudah.. That’s too bad) but there’re 3 students could answer well, they are Angela, Yudi and I myself (ehm…ehm..)

In other case,
I’d ever met a kid, around 10 years old.
Me : Hi! How are you??
V : I’m 10 years old…
Me : ?????
Me : How old are you??
V : I’m fine..
Me : ?????

From that, I realized, in reality, there’re still many people in Indonesia, especially in Makassar couldn’t know English, not only children but also teenagers, adults, parents even celebrities don’t know English, instead English is one of the important needs, beside knowledge of Information and Technology (IT). We can see that many companies involve English is the first requirement in applying a job. My friend had ever applied a job in hotel, but she failed because she couldn’t speak English active. It shows how important English is…

Fortunately, in Indonesia, including Makassar, there’re some English learning institutions, such as Briton, English First, ELC, LIA, PIA, and many more. Those are really great places to study English, because a graduate from there, u could speak English. The fees is around Rp300.000,00-Rp2.000.000,00., how’s that?? Really expensive, right?? Ya ya ya , it’s okay for upper circles of society but how about with under circles of society??? Instead they need study English anyway..

Ehm..ehm.. (Ngeteh dulu dikit…)
That’s why, my friends, Yuyu, Wiwi, and I make an English study club, namely Children English Club. Actually our target is just for children, kindergarten and elementary school, because they’re the next generation (ya ya ya…), but we also provide for junior high school (kelas 1, 2 SMP – gurunya masih sedikit soalnya..). for now we have 10 students – because it’s still new (siswanya masih sedikit coz baru dibentuk sih!!)With all efforts we have, we try to teach them as good as possible. We teach them based on their needs. The fees is also achievable.

Ehm..ehm.. sekalian promosi neeh! Kapan lagi?? Kali aja ada yang berminat ikutan, ya gag??? Silakan tinggalkan pesan dan no tlp nya.. tp ini khusus wilayah Makassar lowh, tp boleh juga kok dari luar kota datang ke Makassar,.. kejauhan yak!!?? Teacher-nya cantik-cantik tuh!! Hehehe… eh, kebetulan tanggal 5 Oktober 2009 , buka kelas baru tuh!! Hehehe… Never late to learn,, so Join with us!!


~ by Zhoya on September 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “Never Late to Learn (Join with us!)”

  1. __bri datang..salamkenal daribri..kamupuasa?__
    ____selamatberpuasa ygke 15..narutonya lucu__

  2. hehehehehe….
    nice story!!!! i like that…
    thats give me new spirit to learning!!!

  3. Kalo W ikudan tar murid laen pade Kabur Lagee

  4. yeaaaaaaaa

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