The Lucky no.1

luckyIn the beginning on the fourth semester, my lazy time was started. I didn’t really know what’s going on me. Since at the end of the third semester, I seldom did assignments right on schedule. “Later on” and “Later on”.

But I fell okay, I didn’t worry about anything. I didn’t worry getting punishment, got ERROR, nothing! I was so cool and relax. But it’s opposite of my classmates. They’re gonna be stressed if their assignment hadn’t finished yet! They were really confused, worry, even they cheated from others. But I was not! If I didn’t know, I just left it blank or at least I answered of what I just know even it’s wrong.

Okay let’s continue…

In the following, I’ll show you how lazy I was..

~ Almost everyday the class started at 7.30 a.m., and I used to come to class at 8 o’clock. (I did it with purpose, even my friend told me that the lecturers had been starting but I still relax at home)

~ I never did homework at night, later on tomorrow morning before went to campus I just finished.

~ I never review my study

~ I never prepare well for the exam (I didn’t study at night. Later on the way to campus, I just opened my book)

~ I never be the first speaker in answering the lecturer’s question.

~ I was so lazy to discuss with my classmates if I got the difficult thing.

~ I was so late to submit assignments…

And here are the amazing things happened to me…

~ Every examination I had, I did it very well (I was really really happy because the questions were based on what I studied in a short time). I looked around, noticed my friends, some discussing, some cheating.

~ When the lecturer pointed mo to give an answer from his/her question, I could answer well. Sometimes they asked to recall of what they had explained, and I could.

~ I rarely found trouble in doing assignment, even I did too late, hehehe.. I was remembered when some of my friends asked me..

Miss A      : Have u done ur homework??

Me            : Not yet, why??

Miss A      : I just wanna match wid my work.

Me            : Sorry… I haven’t done it yet. How about u??

Miss A      : Hmmm…. Almost finish!

Me            : Ohh.. mmm… when it to submit??

Miss A      : On Thursday..

Me            : ……

On the other case…

Miss B      : Zhoya,  may I see ur homework??

Me            : What homework??

Miss B      : Sociolinguistic.. One left more, I don’t know the answer.

Me            : Really?? I don’t really know if Mr. Nasiruddin gave us assignment. Till now, I did nothing. When it to submit??

Miss B      : Tomorrow morning..

Me            : …….

~ Every examination I had, I always got A or B. I never got ERROR. My name was never absent in the top ten scores, even in a several exams, I got the highest score..

How’s that??

I was so lucky, wasn’t I? hehehehe….

To be continued..


~ by Zhoya on September 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “The Lucky no.1”

  1. hummmm,,,, beuuhhhh,,,, so lucky,,, beruntung mu itu di’?? hope the same happens to me,,,hohohoo,,, didn’t do the homework but always got A,, hummm,, i want it too,, how come it??? lucky??? maybe not?? i thought u was lying, maybe u did ur HW and u gave it to ur instructor in his home without anyone know it,,, hummm,,, patut di curigai,,,hehehhe,,, but i think,, pintar jko,, dari dulu sering jko dapat juara toh??? (mmmdedeh,,besarmi kepalanya),,,*_*v

    • yeee… enag aj klo ngomong…
      beneran eung.. im not lying..
      i said, i still did my homework, but i submitted it too late..
      gimane sihh..
      gag baca baig” yak???

      mw tau rahasianya…???
      just wait the next episode…
      kan blom slese tuh ceritanya…

  2. Meybi its just lucky,,,
    meybi not,,,
    what can i say,,,

  3. __lalala la..selamat berbuka puasa__

  4. you were not lucky zho
    but you are wrong lecturers include the value
    zho you have a genie or something that makes you good value? hahahahaha
    ato tiap mlm pas mo keluar nilai…lo nyelinap kantor dekan trus lo ubah datanya???gyahahaha
    are you doing on campus
    exactly the same as me….^^
    sama2 PEMALAS….
    HIDUP PEMALaS!!!!!!GO>GO>GO>lazy people!!!

    • yeee sorri ye..
      ntu tindakan kriminal.. gyaaaa…
      gag pernah gw gitu…
      lu gag baca baig2 yag???
      w ngerjainnya tuh pagi ato subuh sebelum k kampus..

  5. GO GO POWER RANGEEERRSSSS… dont be lazy ..

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