Found Me After Lebaran Day

Here I am, again and again, Zhoya, a lazy girl, back to campus. This is my first day after such a long time I got on vacation. Anyway, since two weeks ago the class was already started. I thought some lecturers also still on vacation, probably after Idul Fitri day the class would be begin, but I was wrong. The result, I left 4 meetings for each subject.

Actually, I had no reason being lazy go to campus. Firstly, my house is near from campus. Secondly, I’m really from Makassar. Compare with my friends, all of them are from out of Makassar, villages, so it’s the opposite that they didn’t come to campus I guess. But anyway, I was lucky because several lecturers were absent.

Now on, I’m here with 6 friends of mine, in the class, waiting for the class. Actually I have three classes today, but I just come now. Hehehe…
It’s 1.07 p.m.
Hold on, hold on! Before I go any further, let see the dialogue below among my friends and I when I just arrived.
Me : Walking straight forward to class while Meti, Aulia, Yuni, and Evry are sitting out of the class.
Meti : Heii, look! She’s coming..
Evry : Who???
Aulia : Oh gosh, its Zhoya. Finally u are here..
Me : Hehehe… Hi girls!
Yuni : Look! She’s just acting like that?? Where have u been??
Meti : Yea, where were u??
Me : Hehehe… peace!
Aulia : Seems like as if she’s from so far away. Girls, where’s Makassar anyway??
Meti : It’s so far away, I guess… Out of the reached!!
Yuni : Need for hours to get here.
Me : Hahahaha…. C’mon girls. I’m just going lazy. Umm… Where’s everybody??
I look around, move class to class, but it’s quiet. No study!! Hey..hey.. what’s up?? Where are they?? There’s no activity here..
Meti : Ya ya ya.. in the morning, there was a BIG BIG WAR..
Me : War???
Aulia : Yea, war. Between Language and Engineering Faculty..
Me : How was that??
Aulia : Scary.. You are lucky u didn’t come.
Me : Hehehe… fortunately! So, there were no classes??
Meti : Hell yea..
Me : Woohahahaha….
Evry : I guess, there’s no more class today after this war. It makes people afraid come to campus…
Me : Hmmm…. I hope so! Let’s go home, then..
Meti : No. We are gonna wait till for a half hour.

I just go in and out the class, nothing special to do.
Hooaaammmm… look! I’m going sleepy.
It’s 2 o’clock. I regret to come here.

Meti : It’s 2 o’clock. Let’s go home..
Me : Sounds good. Horeeee….
Nia : Ckckckc… not so fast, Zho!
Me : Hahahaiiii… peace!

Damn! Useless I come here. Tomorrow not anymore till Idul Fitri day. Besides, it’s still Ramadhan, time to focus on prayer. We need more attention to God (hahahaiiiii… alasaan..alasan…)
Ok girls, see u next time. Just inform me if the class begins. Mwohohoho….


~ by Zhoya on September 16, 2009.

13 Responses to “Found Me After Lebaran Day”

  1. zho already started college?
    w kapan yaa ?????

    jadi kangen sama friends di campus….

  2. hehe mayan storynya buad narik Urat Pipi , , ,

  3. Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin Mohon Maap Lahir Dan Batin

  4. Kedaling rasa nu pinuh ku bangbaluh hate, urang lubarkeun, ngawengku pinuh ku nyuuh, meungpeung wanci can mustari. Taqabalallahu Minna Wa Minkum
    Wilujeng Idul Fitri 1430 H, sim kuring neda dihapunten samudaya kalepatan.
    Kuring neda dihapunten kana samudaya kalepatan, boh bilih aya cariosan anu matak ngarahetkeun kana manah, da sadayana oge mung saukur heureuy, manusa mah teu tiasa lumpat tina kalepatan jeung kakhilafan

  5. Terselip khilaf dalam candaku,
    Tergores luka dalam tawaku,
    Terbelit pilu dalam tingkahku,
    Tersinggung rasa dalam bicaraku.
    Hari kemenangan telah tiba,
    Semoga diampuni salah dan dosa.
    Mari bersama bersihkan diri,
    sucikan hati di hari Fitri.
    Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1430 H
    Taqoba lallahu minnaa wa minkum
    Shiyamanaa wa shiyamakum
    Minal ‘aidin wal faizin
    Mohon maaf lahir dan batin
    Salam Cinta Damai dan Kasih Sayang ‘tuk Sahabatku terchayaaaaaaaank
    I Love U fuuulllllllllllllllllll

  6. basis lazy girl ..
    how many times you have not attended this year ..

    realized friends, college tuition is expensive ..
    I also wanted to go to college, but another god said ..

    so the spirit of 45 okey ..
    do not be lazy anymore,,
    yes ..

    • busyeeeeeeeeeeeetttt…. english juga !!!
      kirain Sunda lagyyy..

      i missed 2 weeks meetings..
      how come u didnt study????
      thats too bad..
      be antoher one..???
      wish u luck, then,,

  7. oohh,,
    so just 2 weeks ..

    I do not have the money to go to college ..
    but now I’m working in the cafes(warnet),,
    can fairly be made pocket money ..

    hopefully I can become a great musician ..
    wahahahaha …

    zho salah ngetik kali ya,,
    harusnya be another one..??

    • iaa..iaa..
      salah ketikk..
      tadinya mau di edit… tp gag bisa,,
      huh!! uda terlanjur…
      yg jelas hurufnya lengkap..

      ohhh kerja di warnet yah!!!!
      asyikk dong bisa ol truss,,, hehehehe…
      pantesan w baca di propilnya ..
      “bangu.. diemm.. nunggpu pelayan…dapat uangg… tidur lagiii…”

  8. hard english ^^. but i got the point…

    the point i can get is..

    LONG live engineering faculty, hahahaha…

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