From Deep Inside of My Heart…

idul fitri

Allahu Akbar..
Allahu Akbar..
Laa Ilaha Illallahuwallahu Akbar..
Allahu Akbar..
*Ntu uda bener gag sihh tulisannya?????

Idul Fitri is coming. And everything new is also coming..
New dress..
New trousers..
New skirts..
New veil..
New sandals..
New shoes..
No no no.. Idul Fitri is not like that!!!

Well, all I have to do here is.. I’d like to say really sorry for everyone….
My Mom, please forgive me all mistakes that I have done. I’m sorry I couldn’t be a good daughter that u want…
My Dad, hopefully you rest in peace there,, Miss u Dad,, u know, how much I’m gonna miss you.. You are my truly hero..
My brothers (Dayat, Jo, Hiksan, Nurta, Azis),, actually I love u so much, but sometimes you are really annoying…
*especially My lovely brother, Nes, you are so far away (Melbourne).. I couldn’t give you a deep hug.. back to your hometown…hiks..hiks…
My sisters (Ayu- thanks for everything, you are really nice sister, always give me money.. and till now I’m waiting that. Gyahahaha,,,, Ama Sugar- Please we gotta stop fighting each other, I’m done!)
Mimo, thanks for your help! Without you, who else will buy me indomie, mi gelas, ponds, olay, biscuit, nutrisari, clear shampoo, sinzui soap, pepsodent herbal, underwear…. *tapi pake uang W.. w Cuma nitip coz dekat t4 kerjanya ada mini market.. mwohohoho…
My nephews, Abi, Aan, Ibe… don’t be a bad boys.. I’m sorry if I always anger to you.. (Lu nyebelin siih!!!)
My niece, Nayla,, jangan boker sembarangan yah!! I love u sweety. You are really beautiful,, if I had face just like u…
And all my friends in Elementary, Junior, Senior high school, university, neighbors, I’m sorry, really-really sorry I couldn’t be a good friend, always bother u..
My blogger friends… thanks for supports…
Aaannnndddd….. special for Aliansi Garuda, Cpy Patria alias Sulinger, Fauzi Oki, Sarie Bubu Chaca, Putri Nurul Isnaini, Risky Purnama,, love u full.. Even we never met before, but you are my truly best friends.. You make my life full of color, and I wanna thank u for that.. I’m sorry if there’re some words make you feel hurt.. (Seneng lu semua kan pada disebutin namanya..bayar royalty donkk.. sering-seringlah mampir di blog –Q.. jadilah pengunjung setiaQ… mwohohoho…)

Gyaaaa…. Panjang juga yag?? Kayak abis buad album ajja…
Hmmm… capek ngetik!!!
Sopo lagi yah??
Is there still anyone I haven’t mention???

Well, happy Idul FItri 1430H..
Taqabballallahu minna wa minkum..
Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin..


~ by Zhoya on September 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “From Deep Inside of My Heart…”

  1. T_T
    it’s really damn touching bebs,,, i swear i couldn’t hold my tears gonna fall down bebs… you’ve shot right on my heart,, you’ve got me bebs,,, nice…..

    This may seem strange, but, with the only known in cyberspace and passing out a little about you,, have made me permeate something of the uniqueness of you,, hehe …
    and strangely enough it has more uniqueness to make something that can’t be explained happen in it,,,
    can’t be understood with the mind but may be felt with emotion,,,
    so,, what I’m gonna be telling you is …. i think I’ve started to feel somthin ‘special bout you,,,
    could you feel it bebs? so what do you think should be going with this anyway .. could you make it more beautiful on next chapter of your story ,…????

  2. walillahilhamd Zho,,,
    Loves Zhoya, loves U’re family,…yeah!
    Mav laheer batheen jg yupz!
    Pegel yak ngetiknya??? w yamg baca aja pegel euiy~
    Salamin jg to klwrg diMakassar Loph U pulL 🙂

  3. waaw… so sweet…hahahayy…
    banyak juga yakz…
    iya..iya.. aqu maapin dah.. hehehe
    minal aidin walfaidin Zhoya…!!!
    sorry juga neeh kalo aqu da salah” kata…
    happy Idul Fitri…Zhoya
    salm tuk smua yah…

  4. for all:
    jadi pengen nangiss…
    w terharu bangeedd…
    makasii ya friends..
    asli w gag tau mo ngomong apa..
    luph u pull
    *oki: lu romantis amad … hehehe


  5. hmmmm….
    z maap kan jikw…
    z juga minta maap plus minta kuee…kekekekk..
    mari hadapi dunia ini dengan jiwa yang Baru..
    aza aza hwating!!!

  6. what about me grandma? no apologize for doubting my english capability? 🙂

    hope that new spirit arise from this moment as we reborn as a new insan kamil ^^

  7. agi dpt feel’y…hahaha

  8. __masih dalam nuansa lebaran..salamhangat ketupat dan oporanyam__
    __minal aidin wal fa idzin maafin briiaZHOYA lahir danjoega batin__

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