I “Love” Monday

sleepy catTik… Tik… Tik… Teeennnggg!!!

12 o’clock, Monday, 28th September. I really love it. Finally the ‘amazing ‘ day comes. After such a long time I have big sleep at home, had fun with fame, long rest, but not anymore when I saw the clock. I was thinking my ‘days’ have been starting. College..college.. study…study… assignment..assignment.. no rest, no sleep, no facebook, gyaaaaa…

My days would be full of “interesting” moments.

“I must wake up early in the morning. I must be diligent student, no late, no absent, yeahh”

Tomorrow morning

“hmmm… I’m not feeling good today. I got headache, backache! I need a rest. It seems like, I should spend my time at home. College?? I’ll go tomorrow.”

Gyahahahahaha…. Dasar!!! Bilang aja klo malas, banyak alasan,,

Fortunately, I decided to go. I promise in this semester must be better than before. If the last semester I got B on several subjects, then I must get A for all subjects in this semester. How can i??

At campus.

I wasn’t late. The class wasn’t started yet, but again I was the latest one came before lecturer come. Ckckckck… Anyway, I didn’t know what subjects would be taught on that time. I had no preparation!

I approached my friends.

Me         : Where’s the class??

Meti      : DH building, 302.

Then, we went together to the class.

Suddenly, Arini, chased me from behind.

Arini       : Heii, Zho! Where were you?? U disappeared for 2 weeks in Ramadhan. What happened wid ya?? Something happened?? U got married secretly, huh???

Me         : WHAT??? Slow down.. people hear you. Well, about marriage, just pray for me. Hehehe.. No, I was just going lazy!

In the class.

Reading V class by Mr.Arif.

What??? He again?? Oh Dear God, no mistake, there would be “weekly reading review” again.

Mr. Arif                : Ok everybody! As usual we did in semester before. Everyone is assigned to make weekly reading review every week, but now is different. From now, I give u 2 weeks to prepare your work. Make a paper of reading review, 14 papers with different topic. The topic is free from you, and the text you read must be 5 till 7 pages. The original text must be submitted with the summary by your own words. You got it?? Next week, I’ll check your work.. ok, because today is the first meeting, so there’s no class today, just inform you the assignment u must do. Ok, see u next week..

Wow!! Very good.. nice..nice… love u, Sir! Why u don’t just ask us to make a BOOK???

At home.

I found myself starving. I went to the kitchen, but there’s nothing to eat. My Mom didn’t at home yet. She’s still teaching. I only drink a cold glass of water n went to sleep. Huhuhu.. T_T

I woke up with still starving, went to the kitchen. Fortunately my Mom had already cooked. My brother, Azis, passed me.

Me         : Well, Zis, where’s my CDMA phone??

Azis        : mmmmm….. lost!

Me         : what???

Azis        : lost.. sorry!!

Me         : no need to say sorry. Just buy me the new one..

Azis        : …..

Me         : I’m not jokin’. This is the second time u did.

Huft!! Smile Zho! Relax… stay cool! Take it easy..


Fiuuhhh.. yeahh I love Monday.


~ by Zhoya on October 1, 2009.

26 Responses to “I “Love” Monday”

  1. pertamaxx dulu 😀

  2. I LOVE MONDAY too…. 😀

  3. yes, I agree with you.

    Many times i feel it.

  4. linknya sudah sy pasang, thanks ya.

  5. You promised in this semester should be better than before. If the last semester you get a B on several subjects, then you should get an A for all subjects in this semester. Ok..
    you have to prove it ..

    *haa..haa.. sori (don spik inglis).. 😆

  6. sekalian saya tunggu terjemahannya.. ooo.. belum yaaaaak..

    • hohohohoho….
      w juga gag tau arti’y apaa..

      ko gag tau sih kangboed????
      sebagai blogger yg baik dan patuh peraturan lalu lintas,, mesti bisa english..mwohoho…
      buka kamus sono…mwehehehehe…

  7. hahahahaha….
    kacawwww nih kangboed..
    especially “embun777’s comment”, wktu gw bca, prasaan w kenal tu kata2.. eeeeee… mang beneran ntu kata2 guww.. jyaaaa… dijiplak.. tp gag papa.. lu ingetin gw lgi.

    to all:
    thanks guys !!!

  8. Ow man…you’re such a very good boy. You passed your day like that and yet said “I love today.” what a mess…I would be stress and lied down on my bed for a week..Hahaha but I like your way. Cool day for you…

    • haha.. thanks..
      well, i did like that just try to entertain myself, im gonna be more stress if i let myself down..
      well, on that time i was really really upset know my phone lost..
      but just let it go..
      i’m sure i’ll get the better one..

      well, thanks for visiting my blog..
      where r u from anyway??

  9. __hoaam__

  10. __SALAMPAGII…SEmangaatCIAAT…semangaat buataktifitas hariini__

    ____ZHoya akatsuki feat Bri sukisuKi..ahahay___

    __i need this need this need what???euleuh2 tobi maah__

    __betewe..monday its a favoritetime…missmonday__

    • bri SukisUki???

      i love monday for now, coz only one subject i have..
      bikin pala q botak..
      kul pagi mpe 5 soreee…

  11. __oNE subject plus PRedikAt and keterangan iaa^^__

    _________bri hate friday :(…___________

    ___dontknow why? butfriday imvery SCare___

    __kul iaa??aku kira dah merried..ahahay..kul dmana??ehehm2__

    __abs jam 5 sore kamu relaxsasi iaa zhoyaa^^__

    __bcanda tertawa sama teman sama pacaL__

    • merit???
      belon eung..
      pengen jg sihh nikah muda..

      kul di Universitas Negeri Makassar..
      tau gag???

      relaxasi ya???
      w biasanya langsung bobok…
      capeek sihh!!

  12. __daridilla boeatbri daribri buatkamoe 😉 __

    __ZHOYAnya bri dilihat iaa awardnya..lalu dibaca pelan pelan__

    __abis ituh kamu improvisasi dan beraksi iaa..semangaat ciiat__

    ____kamu selamat istirahatdariaktifitas iaa ZHOYA___

  13. __senin senantiasa indah^^__
    __nambahsatu lagii iaa..untuk melepas RINDOEKOE^^__
    ___SALAM PAGII..sebelum memulai aktifitas(kuliah)harini___

    • makacciiii Briii….
      luph u pull…
      coryy akhir2 ini w sibuuuukkkk bangeetss…
      banyak tugas eung,…

      • __iaa brisukisui^^juga sering kayazhoyaakatsuki__
        ___dikejar kejar deadline iaa..ahahay___
        __tp kita hrs bisa bagi waktu iaa__
        __untuk istirahat juga aktifitas__

        __oiaa 1 lagii jgn dipikirin tp dikerjain..ahahay
        ……salampagii…semangatbuat aktifitas today___

  14. I also liked monday….. 😀

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