Clarion is ready to serve “Them”

LOGO CLARIONClarion Hotel is one of famous hotels in Makassar, located at Jalan AP Pettarani, Makassar (Not too far from my house). Today, Tuesday, November 10, 2009, as anniversary day of patriots, so there Clarion Hotel and Convention Makassar Management join in celebrating Patriotic Day by conducting some activities. One of them is by inviting the warriors to eat lunch together in Clarion Hotel.

The Assistant Manager of Clarion Hotel and Convention Makassar, Irwansyah, said, the warriors of Lembaga Veteran Republik Indonesia (LVRI), South Sulawesi, are invited expressly as a kind of grateful to the warriors. The theme of this celebration is “Menghargai Pejuang, Membangun Bangsa” (Hmmm…. How to say in english???)pejuang

Besides having lunch, the warriors are going to share out about the experiences and at the end of the party, Clarion Hotel Management will give merchandise to the warriors. This is one of Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

“It’s such as our routine activity for every year to celebrate and share out together with warriors here. It’s because just like our grateful to them..” said Irwansyah, November 9.


~ by Zhoya on November 10, 2009.

17 Responses to “Clarion is ready to serve “Them””

  1. Well, hopefully I had the opportunity to travel to Makasar….?

    Selamat memperingati hari pahlawan… :mrgreen:

  2. :mrgreen:

  3. yawda.. koreksi aja klo ada yang salah..
    gw kan uda pernah bilang.. ^__^

  4. Link sudah saya pasang balik.
    Salam kenal

  5. Orang makassaR ya??

    pengen koreksi eNglish na Tapi takut salah koreksi jeh…


    salam kenall yaaa

    • hhehe.. iya orang makassar..
      hihihihihi… (juga)

      ehh iaa, gpp..
      koreksi aja klo emang ada yg salah…
      *menurut kamu.. hhehehe..
      ilmu kan harus saling berbagii,,,

      salam kenal…

  6. buseeeeeet kamu dari makasar ya?
    btw, thanks udah mampir ke blog demenkorea ya he he

  7. kuLiahnya dsna juga?

    eh demen korea yaaaa?????

    akkuuuuuu jujjaaaaa….

  8. suka korea juja Zho??

    • euys,,,euys.,,,
      satu aja mbak koment nya…
      waaahhh.. klo ngemeng korea pasti tanduknya naik.. hha

      umm.. korea yah…
      yg suka sihh,, tpi gag fanantik amat..
      gw suka bhsa nya..
      lu bisa bhs korea gag???

  9. deket ama studio trans gak tuh hotel?

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