Earthly Paradise





Those are usual for many people around the world, even teenagers are brave to do those. You may get their videos anytime and anywhere you want, on YouTube, YouPorn or any site. A guy and gal just doin’ something “crazy”. I mean they’re fuckin’ with crazy way.. Have you seen some?? LOL. I know that’s lots of fun. But for me, no need to publish, that’s exactly our privacy. Well, it doesn’t matter if they already married, but with someone that you dunno whether he’s gonna be your husband, are you willing to do that?? (especially for women) Hmmm… Most say, “Why not? We love each other, and we do it by mutual agreement. Besides, it’s not your business. Why you interfere in my business??”

Well, Ok..ok..!!!

*Hamil lu, baru tau rasa!! That’s not my business, you’re right.

Ok, let’s go to the point.

Have you heard the hottest news about Angelina Jolie? – the well known actor, Brad Pitt’s wife – Yeah, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are playing together in The Tourist Film.

As a quote from The Sun, Angie as a Cara, Interpol agent, and Johnny as a Frank, the American tourist, are ready to do having sex in a bathroom – sex scene -. Based on scenario, written by Julian Fellowes, Cara will appear without wearing any cloth (in a bath), it means she’s completely naked. And Frank, sudden opening the door and embraced her intimately. So does Cara (Angie), she replied with the same way, with the high desire and hmmm…. The delicious love is starting..

*ckckckck…. Astagfirullah..

For Angie, it’s not the first time she acted with completely naked. Previously, she did it with Brad Pitt – now he’s her husband – on that time, Brad Pitt’s still be Jennifer Aniston’s husband. While Johnny still has special relationship with his love, Vanessa Paradise – the attractive actress –

No matter what, will this scene make Brad Pitt and Vanessa Paradise jealous??

*Hmm… -speechless-


~ by Zhoya on November 30, 2009.

28 Responses to “Earthly Paradise”

  1. pertamaxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. *Hamil lu, baru tau rasa!!
    Wow.. i really like d way you tell d story…

    But I don’t think that scene will make Pitt jealous… I mean they’re a professional’s actor, right?

    • Yoi..
      as i know from any source…
      Brad Pitt never get jealous, but it’s the opposite..
      Angelina Jolie couldn’t able find her husband fuck with another gal.. she’ll angry…

  3. what the maksud is it?
    i’m confuse

  4. sex after married will be better ha? 😉

  5. Menyapa sahabat di pagi hari,

    Salam Damai di Bumi, and Have a Nice Day

  6. have you watch the movie??
    how about other link that can be there available??


  7. OMAIGAT !!!
    demi profesional banyak artis melanggar norma …

  8. ini nih…
    jangan marah lagi ya…

  9. are yoe really beutiful????

  10. zho pasang rss feed dong …

  11. just blog walking sis..
    Btw..I’v never seen your comment in my blog… ? 😀 ot interest may be …Ewako cika!

  12. Aku bingung nih mbak apa itu mangsutnya kok pakai basa planetan semuwa? 🙄 😆
    Salma durin aja yah 🙄

  13. Salam Hangat Sahabat,

    Semoga Hal Terindah Tlah Tercipta Hari Ini
    Dan Selalu Damai Di Bumi
    Sapaku DiSeparuh Perjalanan Hari Ini

    Peace and Green

  14. first, it’s interesting for me you girl talk about this topic :). Normally, this is stuff that boys talk over. Oh, maybe that’s because i don’t know girls much. So i’ve learnt something here he..he..he

    Btw, nice info 🙂

  15. Tabea…. Salam kenal. Good n thanks,-

  16. Show your love in a poem.


    Rasa cinta pasti ada

    Pada makhluk yang bernyawa

    Sejak dulu hinggi kini

    Tetap suci dan abadi

    Tak kan hilang selamanya

    Sampai datang akhir masa

    (Lagu Renungkanlah, ciptaan dan dinyanyikan siapa ya,lupa…)


    Apakah anda mempunya rasa cinta ? Jika ada tuangkanlah dalam puisi dan daftarkan pada acara PARADE PUISI CINTA di

    Sahabat yang lain sudah disana semua,tinggal menunggu puisi anda. Hadiahnya menarik lho, maka segera ikuti acara unggulan ini.

    Salam hangat dari Surabaya

  17. emang gtu yah????? wah wah wah,, PARAH,, iya seh, bule tuh kek gtu yah??? nyante bgt pamer2in tubuh dpn yg bkan muhrim (suami or istri), en mreka nganggp nya y biasa aj gtu,, kaco bgt seh,, iiihhhh,,, btul2 speechless….!!!! yg gila pasangannya jg, g nglarang2 kek apa kek, masa’ dibiarin aja adegan yg s**t itu… ahhh,, au ah gelap,, astaghfirullah,,,

  18. Great post again Zhoya!
    I like the way you present what you are interested in.
    Yeah, your style writing is catchy (in Indonesia: renyah kayak kerupuk getu lho)

  19. mampir disiang hari…
    Hehehe..yang saya tahu keduanya cantik dan cakep.Salam kenal 🙂

  20. how about HIV and AIDS…

  21. Wow… nice post non… Salam kenal ya…

  22. It’s a common thing there…mungkin si Pitt ga terlalu peduli ma yang kayak gituan, he already knows that his wife is an actor so that means as an actor, her wife must do that part…jadi ya biasa aja bagi dia..keke (well…it’s just my opinion :mrgreen:)

  23. aha…cantiknya….

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