I’m here, at room, just sitting in front of my laptop. Right now, I’m trying to focus on my blog, almost a week I didn’t post anything. And today, that’s what I’m trying to do. I didn’t say that I don’t care of it, but honestly I don’t have any ideas. Actually there’re many ideas to create, but I was not good in mood. I always remember Nurta, my brother. Every time, he comes to my room, and reminds me about my blog. “What date is it?” Look, don’t waste your time just having fun with Facebook. Don’t see your blog? Write something!” he said. “Yeah, I’ll do it soon, later, not now. Besides, I have no ideas to write right now.” I replied. “What the hell are you talking about? Just read newspaper, and you’ll find many ideas there. That’s why I ask you not to waste your time on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, or kind of.” Then he closed the door and back to his room. Well, he’s also a blogger.


The thing that crosses in my mind now on is about Valentino Rossi, my idol, the best rider.

I remember Jorge Lorenzo. He visited Indonesia several days ago. I didn’t get excited about his coming. I just thought that how if Rossi did. Yeah, Rossi did when he and Komeng, the Indonesian comedian, made a commercial of Yamaha Jupiter “Semakin di depan, yang lain makin ketinggalan”. But I want he comes to Indonesia because he has some schedules like Jorge Lorenzo. But I dunno when! Maybe one day.

Um, you know.. Jorge Lorenzo and I are being friends on Twitter. If I’m not mistaken, three days ago, he just said good bye for the all Indonesian people. He said, “Bye bye all the Indonesian people,” and I replied, “Bye bye Lorenzo. May you have full of great days during in Indonesia. And may you’ll visit Indonesia again with Valentino Rossi one day, hehe. Take care.” Several minutes, I found my friend, Risya, she replied, “Bye bye Jorge. I’m gonna miss you.”

*Gyaaaa…. Yeah, she’s a big fan of Lorenzo, and I a big fan of Rossi.

Well, I’ve already got Jorge Lorenzo twitter and already follow him. But until now, I’m looking for Valentino Rossi twitter. I search anywhere, but I didn’t get. I visited his website, yeah there’s his twitter there, but it’s just Rossi fan twitter not ‘the real’ Rossi what I’m looking for.

Is anyone knows Rossi’s twitter???

Please, tell me..

Oow, you may follow me too on my twitter http://www.twitter.com/ZhoVoZho

There, you will meet Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, including Jorge Lorenzo, and many more.. They and I are being friends.


~ by Zhoya on December 8, 2009.

24 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. hy zho..pa kabar??
    baru balik nih gw ke dunia blog..

  2. Hi…judulnya untitled 😉

  3. yeah right… rossi again….!!!!!

  4. good afternoon Zhoya,
    same as I did, recently I have no idea…
    just copy some article from media…

    see ya..

  5. http://www.twitter.com/zhovoso
    Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

  6. Pertama koment di blog ini. Posting dgn bahasa Inggris, menguji kemampuanku untuk bercas cis cus….see you in my blog.

  7. heieheihei…
    how r u??

  8. hi, already following you [at] twitter, me [at] http://www.twitter.com/DjakaPrasetja

  9. oke good post
    but i’m annoyed

  10. Hai, aku mampir ya. Salam kenal.
    Salam (ALRIS)

  11. A Blogger must be kept back to writing when the time comes and best wishes for Rossi twitter…. :mrgreen:

  12. heeh…i don’t really care, what a good point of being a fan of him…kakakaa i don’t really understand girl’s thought.lol.
    just take a nap, and you will encounter so many ideas to write…
    (kekeke i lied…)

  13. give me reason to follow u’re twitter ?

    owh I see, to know who rossi’s girlsfriend right ?

  14. hai apa kabaarr? happy new year 2010 🙂

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