I’m Still Lucky, You Know !!

If I’m not mistaken, last semester had promised to myself that I must be better in this semester. I must be a diligent and smart student, try to complete all assignments and submit them right on schedule. And I DID IT! Even today, I’m more diligent and active in the class than the days before. I’m successful.
But one thing that I couldn’t change is the way I finishing my projects. I realize, there’s still negative side when I’m doin’ assignment, especially individual assignment, that is I always put off and put off. If lecturers give one week to complete the projects, I’ll complete it exactly one day before the deadline of submitting the project. The change is unsuccessful.
So, what was I doin’ during six days??? NOTHING… I just waste my time on Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk. Hahaha… what I fool I am.
But honestly, I enjoy it. I never complain to myself. When I do my project, I do it seriously and must be correctly. And tomorrow, when I come to campus, I’m satisfied to myself, I show a big smile to everyone of my mates because I’ve complete all the assignments. Compare with others, some still in process in finishing. So I just take a seat, relax and ready to receive material. Haha…
Yesterday, December 14, is the deadline to submit writing assignment. That is summary of book, you know what?? I’M THE ONLY IN THE CLASS THAT MY PROJECT IS RECEIVED. All my classmates’ works are ejected because those do not fulfill the requirement in summarizing book.
As you have to know, everytime I submit assignment, surely it’s accepted. Never not!!
I’m telling this doesn’t mean that I just wanna show how arrogant I am, but I my truly purpose is to let you know how lucky I am. Hahaha…
U wanna be like me??


~ by Zhoya on December 16, 2009.

28 Responses to “I’m Still Lucky, You Know !!”

  1. blogwalking dan salam kenal mbak 🙂

  2. Well done Zho… that’s my “bocah”…

  3. blogwalking and visit here.. nice to meet you

  4. congrat … you just do it with focus

  5. orang beruntung emang menang dimana ja hehe salam kenal
    boleh tukar link kah?



  6. Nice posting..

    and nice to meet U.. 🙂

  7. have a nice day, regards

  8. hehehe….walaupun ane gak ngerti artinya…nyang penting salam kenal..hahaha…sukses sob…

  9. kwkwkw ndak mudeng aku…salam kenal aja

  10. ihihi…
    We have a similarity..
    I always put off everythings too..
    biasanya kalo dapet tugas, dikerjain nya pasti mepet waktu dikumpul.. But, Everythings always done teapt waktu and got a gud score, how lucky w r..


  11. do u know wny u lucky? coz u have used ur positive mind. if ur mind said u’re lucky then u’ll really lucky.. it’s strong mind (hehe..sok tau:mode on)

  12. yeaaahh…you are luck bebeh 😉

  13. at my place,
    it’s what we call, “the power of deadliners…”
    everyone tend to be alot better when it’s almost due.
    a couple of days ago, i started making my assignment, 30 minutes before it should be collected. that’s even worse than you. but on the positive side, i did great (i think).. hhhahaaa..

  14. salam kenal dalam persahabatan….
    kapan posting lagi nich..ditunggu…
    tulisan yang diatas bagus…
    nice to read

  15. i have no luck.
    kalo gw mah ga ada keberuntungan,semua harus dikerjakan dgn keras… 😦
    jadi iri……

  16. Wow, Zhoya… Congratulation for your Successful Assignment (applause)

    Wanna Laugh For a While, Just Click:


  17. save by the bell aren’t you??

  18. keep goin and tetap semangat buat ngerjain tugas-tugasnya dan projeknya gan 🙂

    salam kenal

  19. Enak banget sih zho, hohoho 😀

  20. gk ah, gw gak mau kayak lo 😀

  21. so do I zhoya…..
    I think You had a new activity, like a new relationship to your boy friends …maybe…..

  22. ra mudeng blas… salam kenal ae wes.. retiku cuma yes, no! 🙂

  23. Success & peace…!

  24. how lucky u are……..
    although u always do the assignments in the last minute….
    same as me……… 😀
    we often waste our time for something useless….hehehe

  25. …smile 🙂

  26. wah kalo saya seh selama semester ini selalu sibuk ngeblog parkour n futsal….tapi keberuntungan sepertinya belum ingin menghinggapi saya ghezwayz.wordpress.com

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