Where Have You Been, Zho??

First of all, I’d like to say really sorry cos I didn’t post anything about 3 weeks. Frankly, I was really busy and I’ll try to let you know what exactly I was doin’ during 3 weeks. I’ll explain briefly. May u do not get bored ^_^

Before we go any further, I’d like to ask something. Have I ever told you my brother would get married?? Hmm.. I don’t think so.

Well, on Sunday, December 20, my brother, Ness, just come from Melbourne with aunty and cousins (Adlu, Kamilah, Raidah). They come here (Indonesia) cos on Thursday, December 24, Ness was gonna married. So, we just prepared anything for the reception. That was really busy on that time. Many relatives came from any villages and gathered at my house. My room, whoaaa!!!!, it’s really really messy. Clothes anywhere, bags, my books just threw away, but I couldn’t do anything, I just had an expression of submission. I also didn’t sleep in my room. I slept in living room.. T__T. ok, leave it!!

In reception, it was a lovely day, but I think no need to be told, cos there’s no special moment.  Just like usual, like other reception. But of course, it was Makassar style. *ngangkat2 alis

But during the days, before and after reception, my days were amazing I think, cos finally I found people who I could speak English anytime with. WHO??? They’re my cousins. Whoa!! First time I heard they speak, really, I didn’t understand. The accent is different. I accustomed with English America, but they use English Australia. DIFFERENT!! But I tried. Sometimes, I asked them to repeat what they said, and time by time I’m accustomed, and now I’m using English Australia. Not really hard. At home, beside Ness, I’m the only one who could speak English. So, when I talked to them, the others, I mean my siblings just silent while they’re listening us speaking.. hahaha…  and sometimes they asked me to translate what we talked about. So funny!

Ok, let me continue…

After wedding party, I back to focus on my study. Phew, I had lots assignment till now. My brother again reminded me to write something on this blog, but I couldn’t. I just said “Don’t ask me bout BLOG, please! Give me time, cos I must concentrate to my works now!” but I must write something before JANUARY 2010. And here it is! Enjoy it.. hahahaha….


~ by Zhoya on December 31, 2009.

19 Responses to “Where Have You Been, Zho??”

  1. salam kenal
    smoga bisa saling kunjungi

  2. salam kenal non
    wow blognya bagus banget

  3. Haha, ganbatte aja non. 🙂

  4. nice blog n nice story…

  5. heyheyhey….
    long time no see…
    whats up??
    maybe u should try speaking with me!!!! i’m an aussie in some way :mrgreen:

    • hell yeah..
      nothing much.. im quite busy..

      speaking wid ya???
      no, thanks.. huahhahahahhaaaaa…
      jajajajaa… i noe u’ve ever been there, but ur not the original one.. hohoohooho……

  6. What a nice experience Zho.. I wish i could be there to see how funny u r with ur cousins.. But anyway enjoy with ur time… just relax.. I believe that u can handle everything like usual…

    And here I’m coming with a special award for u… Just a new year gift… Hope u’ll take it… Thanks b4…

  7. hohohh..sudah lamo ana tak mampir, unnie..mwehehehh..
    jadi pengen liat sodara2 zho yg dari aussie..
    kasi liat poto mereka donk? 🙂

  8. hari ini ketiga kalinya gw comment orang yang sedang mencari dan menunggu ……
    wha’s up girls…..???

  9. duh…. buku translatenya mana ya… pingin baca nih, :mrgreen:

  10. hy…. blog walking… regards from Palembang city

  11. how are you, Zho?
    i think you need to post something again now
    it’s been two weeks from the latest posting ha? 😉
    cmon cmon cmon! 😉

    • hehehehe…
      hell yeah..
      im so busy lately,, i have no idea to post stg on dis blog..

      i’ll do it after final examination, i promise..
      *ngangkat2 alis..
      gimana sih emoticon nya??

  12. hhuh… cuma blog walking ni.. mw komentar tapi ga ngerti “english”..

    salam kenal

  13. Try new experience in ur life,hidup ni indah nmn tk smua mnusia bs mnikmatinya.Zhoya tk trlalu mngenalmu but I wanna share with U.I’m An english student but I never been satisfied my knowledge in english bcause it cant protect white crime and impoverisment,islam is my relligion and religious socialism is my ideology…..I like to be a militant for fight with government as slave of kapitalism….be a demonstrator and feel new sensation because we will die.
    do U ve time 4 god and humanity?????

  14. Akhirnya muncul juga…

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