Quote of the Day … !!

“It wasn’t possible, so I believed it wasn’t true. Me loving you, these words don’t even make sense. I’m probably just jealous, I guess I’m getting lonely. I hid my feelings before but I just can’t do it anymore”

“I think I love you. But it must be so, Cause I miss you. Without you, I cannot do anything, and you are always on my mind, so seeing this, it must be, I was unaware, but now I can see that your presence have delved deeply into my heart.”

“We are not meant for each other, and being friends is the best thing for us,  there isn’t a single thing we have in common, so I claimed there’s no way we can be lovers, but I don’t want to make excuses anymore.”

“I didn’t realize how I felt about you, Why couldn’t I see? It was right in front of me. That whole time you were right next to me. Why is it now that I finally see that it is love?”

“And all I can taste is this moment. And all I can breathe is your life. Cause sooner or later it’s over. I just don’t wanna miss you tonight”

“I think I love you, I think I love you that’s how it seems. Cause I miss you, Cause I miss you when you’re not around. I can’t do anything except think about you. If I look at how things are I know. I’m falling for you, I’m falling for you, I didn’t realize it but now I need you, somehow deep in my heart it grew. Now all I want to do is take care of you”

“People are people. They think I am ugly person then that’s what they think. I love myself for who I am. Nobody in this world can change it.”

“No matter how much I don’t think about you. Your everything is still pasted in my heart and soul.”

“I thought I don’t like him now. I thought I moved on so many times but then I realize I was just fooling myself. Making a fool out.”

“It’s not supposed to hurt this way cos I need you I need you, more and more each day. It’s not supposed to hurt this way cos I need you I need you I need you. Are you and me still together? Do you think we could last forever? Tell me, WHY?”

“I would give you everything. There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do. To ensure your happiness, I’ll cherish every part of you because without you beside me I can’t survive, don’t wanna try. If you’re keeping me warm each and every night, I’ll be all right. Cause I need you in my life”

“Thank you my friend! Aah, I haven’t forgotten what happened that day. You are my dream! Aah, next time I’ll protect you my way! Whoa, the distance!!!!!”


~ by Zhoya on January 17, 2010.

12 Responses to “Quote of the Day … !!”

  1. ada iris-nya goo goo dolls juga tuh.. tebak nih lirik apa “but of all these friends and lovers, there is no one compares with you..”

    hehe.. salam kenal yah! :mrgreen:

  2. keduaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxx….

  3. blogwalking yah . waduh bahasa inggris neh. haha buka transtool dulu ah

  4. Hahay..:) Zho ini lagu buat Rossi atau buat mantan???;)…koq fb nya jarang update lagi?? main2 ke Blog ku yah…

    Best Ragards

  5. nice day… senen yang cerah…
    like monday… no hate monday..

  6. Who is The lucky Guy ???
    May Allah bring back your dream to your life.Amin

  7. semangat dan salam kenal

  8. “No matter how much I don’t think about you. Your everything is still pasted in my heart and soul.”

    quote yg ini mengena bgt di aku 😀

  9. yellowww….blogwalking…

    How are you?

  10. Just flying to him…
    But, flying needs wings, you don’t have it.
    😆 Just walking…

  11. Zhoya lagi belajar nyanyi apa baca puisi… 🙂

  12. love this song, unnie (TT~TT)

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