What Comes Next???

At least a half and one year more, I hope. I’ll graduate and become Bachelor. After that, I’m gonna get married. Whoa!! No, I don’t think so. I have another target beside this. Yeah, I’ve ever said that I’m gonna directly get married after college. That’s only target, but I dunno what happens next. Everybody has own dream and so have I. Marriage is not target, I guess, but it’s our need, isn’t it??  But when’s the right time to get married?? That’s exactly one of target that we must think about. Lols..

Honestly, it’s not what I’m gonna talk about. So, what is it???  Um, yeah the next target after college. Just like other people, I’m gonna continue my study at Master Degree. I decide to take Master Degree in Australia, and my mum supports me. I’ll take IDP program, and study there for awhile until get the scholarship. I know my English is really bad, that’s why I’m gonna improve my English through study there. So, when I’m in Australia, I can speak English well, correctly and fluently. So, from now I must prepare anything for it. I must practice and practice all the time, study hard, and pray.

Study in Australia is my desire since I was still in high school until now. Honestly, that’s my target to take college after high school. I told my mum and brother but they even said that I didn’t have enough provisions to go to Australia. My English was really bad on that time, I couldn’t speak English. I even didn’t know how to begin to speak. So how can I communicate with people there? So that, I canceled to go there until I have enough preparation and ready to go there. Phew! I wish! But it’s still only target and a plan, I dunno what happens next, perhaps I’ll study in America, India, London, Malaysia, or Mesir, lols. Who knows?? *ngangkat-ngangkat alis


~ by Zhoya on February 9, 2010.

15 Responses to “What Comes Next???”

  1. wah…
    kepengen ke Australia neng???
    moga2 kecapaian.. mooga2 ilmunya nambah..
    didoakan dari bandung deh…

  2. hiks… jd ingat masa mudaq dulu..
    (emang q beneran dah tua ya Zho?)

    ngebet bgt pengen ke aussie..
    tp g bs2…
    hadeh kachian deh aq..

  3. Wah Australia…? salah satu pilihan yang tepat, dan jangan menyerah raihlah pendidikan dan cita2mu setinggi langit niscaya semua pasti berhasil….

    Tapi kalau tempat impian saya adalah….. Tuscany :mrgreen:

  4. good luck for you… 🙂

  5. Australia, Kangguru, sy blum pernah kesana 😦

  6. let’s go……never give up zhoya….
    australia…I’ll be there…

  7. Tabea… Salam kenal. Nice blog. Tukeran link ya. Blgo Ku : MANADO INFOMENT BLOG http://rafans2010.wordpress.com Trims,-

  8. hey cantik…
    gw kasih pe er tuh.. liat di blog gw..

  9. haha. nice artikel.

    salam kenal.

  10. hoaa, aussie yak?
    goodluck unnie!!
    ntar klo kesana jgn lupa ksi kbar yak? 🙂

  11. good luck..
    I’m still confused in choosing my future plan, especially in Master Degree..
    I hope you can pray for me..

  12. mantep bang….

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