The WAG’s Queen

After woke up in the morning before 9 a.m., I went directly to the center room and having a breakfast with cheese banana fried and a cup of sweet tea, and looking for the newspaper that I must read. Newspaper itself has three topics which are in the different pages. Those are Fajar, Makassar Metropolis, and Sportif. And I chose Sportif, the first thing to be read. Definitely, I’m looking for MotoGP news firstly, and short story at the last page. The short story I made probably is contained in it. But it’s not. T__T

Okay, I’m not supposed to talk about this.

So, what I’m gonna share in this time?

Today, I found some news from WAG’s circle in Sportif, and I prefer call as a sportainment. Among them are Toni Poole, John Terry’s wife, Vanessa Perroncel, an underwear model who has affair with John Terry, Chelsea captain (Timnas Inggris – apa sih bhs inggrisnya????), and Victoria Beckham. But Victoria could handle various problems in her household with David Beckham, including when David ever had a special relationship with Rebecca Loos. And fortunately, they passed those problems together without divorce. Being successful, some other WAG’s that have ‘big disaster’ in their household share with Victoria. That’s why we call her “WAG’s Queen”. In 2008, Cheryl complained about her husband’s manner, but now on is Toni Poole’s turn.

Toni, 28, asked some advices to Victoria by via mobile. “What should I do?” as a quoted in “The Sun”, Tuesday, February 9. With her emotional, Victoria advised her friend, “Tell him (Terry John) to take decision right away to rescue your marriage, and say to him what exactly you want.”

Toni’s in Dubai for holiday. Since she knew her husband has affair with Vanessa, she decided to leave England with her twins children. But Terry had asked permission to the Coach, Fabio Capello to follow his wife in Dubai. He’s gonna meet Toni and their children to explain the truth, including to make her sure that he never has relationship with Orlaith McAllister, 30, the famous Playboy ex-model through reality show, Big Brother.

* siapa lagi tuh???? Belum pernah liat sang blogger Indhye Zhoya yah?? WAG’s lain ama model yang dalem-daleman itu pasti leeewwaatttt…..

Fortunately, when he met his wife there, they have finally reconciled. They back to England on February 16. When they arrived at Heathrow Airport in London, both of them looked so happy, even they were completely friendly and appreciated when they were asked to take their pictures and be interviewed.

To the journalist, Terry and Toni said about their planning in the future.

“We’re gonna build new phase in this life. John and I have discussed about our third child to make our household look happier. Last time actually make us stronger to face every problem in this household.” Said Poole as quoted in Daily Mail.


~ by Zhoya on February 24, 2010.

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  1. Ok thanks..nice post man

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