1. Shutter island -$40.2 million (Rp373 miliar)-
  2. Valentine’s Day -$17.2 million (Rp159 miliar)-
  3. Avatar -$16.1 million (Rp149 miliar)-
  4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians -$15.3 million (Rp142 miliar)-
  5. The Wolfman -$9.8 million (Rp90 miliar)-
  6. Dear John -$7.3 million (Rp67 miliar)-
  7. Tooth Fairy -$4.5 million (Rp41 miliar)-
  8. Crazy Heart -$3 million (Rp27 miliar)-
  9. From Paris with Love -$2.5 million (Rp23 miliar)-
  10. Edge of Darkness -$2.2 million (Rp20 miliar)-

~ by Zhoya on February 24, 2010.

One Response to “TOP 10 BOX OFFICE”

  1. Wah Avatar aja kalah, bener2 pgn liat deh Valentine’s Day, apalagi di situ ada Julia Robert, Taylor Lautner (Jacoob nya Twilight & New Moon) dan Taylor Swift.

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