They Return !

Hooraaayyyy…. It’s completely wonderful news for Rossi-Lorenzo fans. U know, they’re gonna come to Indonesia for the second time. They’ll visit around four big cities in Indonesia, that’s Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. W-What about Makassar?? When do they come in Makassar?? I can’t wait! Um, I think it’s gonna be impossible they will be here in Makassar. Um, no no.. not impossible. It’s possible though. They’ll come but perhaps next or two years later – I wish – cos they must prepare first anything to meet and greet their fans here. Their fans here are different from other places, haha. As you know Rossi and Lorenzo, soooooo many your fans in Makassar, including me – Me?? Only Valentino Rossi, I’m not too excited to meet Lorenzo. But if Lorenzo visits my house, just because he wants to meet me privately, wow that’s good though and I’m gonna serve him fantastically well. Haha.. Nonsense!!! – Well, we’re more excited, too hyper, aggressive, and ambitious to meet them, Cos Makassar people are completely mad, they’re going crazy cos their idols just in their place. But When?? I dunno.

So, when’s the date??

Vice President Director of Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), Dyonisius Beti, said that Rossi will be in Medan on Feb 28, and in Surabaya on March 1, while Lorenzo will go to Bandung on Feb 28 and Yogyakarta on March 1.

Big Question????

How come they’re not visiting Jakarta??

The reason is -and I think it’s really true- cos sooooo many fans of Rossi and Lorenzo out of Jakarta. “That’s why we’re making meet and greet so that we can get closer to the consumer.” Said Dyonisius, Thursday, Feb 18.

The last time for Rossi visiting Indonesia is on Feb 9, 2009. On that time, he just said hello to the millions people of his fans in Jakarta. And for Lorenzo, the last he came in Indonesia is on December 6, 2009, in promotion of Yamaha Product, that’s New Jupiter Z, in Jakarta. He even enjoyed the beauty views in Bali.

I’m waiting you two in Makassar.


~ by Zhoya on February 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “They Return !”

  1. cihuyyyyy… tapi kapan valentino ke palembang ya

  2. just wait ? 🙂

  3. rossi numero uno…..

  4. GO GO GO…de dakter, salam D3pd ^_^…V

  5. Wah sayang aku tidak sempat kesana…. hiks…

  6. Zhoya selamat ya atas Awardnya
    lanjutkan tugasnya ya 😀

  7. wow,fans of Rossi huh??

    well, i just happens to own a yamaha bike, so i’m quite familiar with him;)

    teman2 saya lagi heboh ikutan kontes mirip rossi tuh ,soalnya hadiahnya laptop sih;p

    salam kenal ya:D


  8. hello there 🙂

    nice blog here. keep blogging.
    salam kenal yaa..(can we exchange link?)


  9. Velentino still the king…

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