Zhoya’s Return

Hello guys… It’s soooo long time we didn’t greet each other. I’m really sorry cos I had many things to do; yeah as usual it’s called the projects from campus. You know, how much I’m gonna miss you all. How about you? Do you feel the same?

Those projects made me completely depressed. I even did not have a chance to read newspaper, but I could watch, My Fair Lady, Korean drama, until the last episode in two days. haha.. And I realized I wasted my time with something useless. I also read at least three novels solely in one day, and I didn’t study hard at the evening for my exam, and used to put off the projects I have and from that I became a great procrastinator. Yeaaahhh… hahaha… ~I think today would be the time for me to tell you what I have experienced during my disappearance, LOL~

At campus, I spent my time sharing with other friends what they know that I still don’t know. Because I seldom read newspaper lately, so I just asked to my friends about the hot news at that time. Aahhh… everyday I brought my novels and shared them to mates. The novels I have are completely about teenagers’ life. They borrowed one novel in one day, and gave it to others who hadn’t read yet. When those novels finally back to me, I asked their views about the story. All said that the stories are sooo fucking wonderful, seems like we gotta back to the teenagers. Beside novels, we also shared movies each other. The one who had new movies, should share with others. So, I brought my laptop and copied them into it. We did at the end of class. Yeahh, that’s the way to overcome depression we got. I just tried to keep relax. At home, it’s about two hours I spent to study and the rest was time to read novel or watch movie. Even I had soo many projects but fortunately all the projects were conducted in groups. And I was really thankful. What if those must be carried out individually? Ohhh maann, I can’t imagine. I gotta rest in the hospital then, LOL. So, almost every weekend, I used my time to complete my group project, sometimes in my house. Guess what? We just narrated. haha. No, I’m kidding. We studied instead. Aahhh, I kinda forget. Did you see MotoGP circuit Jerez, Spanyol? Really awesome, right? Jorge Lorenzo was really great. He’s amazing. He defeated Dani Pedrosa after leading the race. But I’m so sad, Valentino Rossi just finished in the third. He’s not fit. He got an accident when practiced motocross, the result he got a serious problem on his shoulder. But it’s okay. He will be back and show his best performance in the next circuit. Can’t wait!

Well, today I’m free, I have five free days. I have done my all projects, exams and presentation. What I’m gonna do now just relax, and refresh my mind. Umm.. let me know your wonderful experiences too. Share to me ­­^__^


~ by Zhoya on May 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Zhoya’s Return”

  1. Hey, Akatsuki’s symbol! 😆

  2. just 5 days ?
    i’ve every days for free… 😆

  3. hi zhoya…welcome back..(cozy) miss u too…hihii..

  4. akatsukiiiii…how waz ur deyz now??
    hihi hi tobi still need this..need this 🙂
    met berpuasa

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