Old vs New

You know what? I’m sooo happy cos my old friends just appeared in the newspaper of his music band. They success finally, and at that time I directly gave congratulations to them through facebook. I told the drummer, who is my ex, how happy I was, and I asked him to create a song that is about he and I when we were together, LOL, hopefully he does, so he will not forget me (as a friend) by playing that song every time they tour. But something bad happened anyway. The message I sent to him was read by his girlfriend. As far as I know, they’re already done and he admitted it directly to me. Unfortunately I missed something. They’re back and I truly don’t know about it. So, when she read it, she was totally angry. She replied with using the worst words I ever heard and those words were pointed to me. I didn’t know what I have to do. My eyes just opened widely read it and finally I laughed. OMG, she is such a childish. Do you think I was angry and also saying the bad words to her? Definitely not. I just reminded her not to be like that. And I emphasized that we do not have relationship anymore as she thought, he and I just like the relationship between brother and sister. Besides, for now I focused on my study. I’m not obsessed having a boyfriend actually. Because I’m looking for a husband, LOL LOL… yeah because I just waste my time I guess. I had experienced having a boyfriend and it was not really pleasant. Hmm, I think I don’t have to courage myself to tell more detail in this part, lol.
And one hour later, my ex sent me a message. He apologized of what his girlfriend did to me. I said I will forgive him if he buys me a chocolate, no no I’m kidding. It should be me that apologize to them. So, for both of you I’m really sorry. Take care… (^__^)v
*by the way, am I wrong? Did I do something wrong? What do you think?


~ by Zhoya on May 16, 2010.

15 Responses to “Old vs New”

  1. i think you’re wrong, you asked him to create a song…

    • hahahaha… i just asked him to create a song, thats it. i didnt ask him to marry me. rofl.. lmao…

      • but, the song is about when you’re together, and you wish they’re playing the song every time they tour.
        maybe, just maybe… if the song not about your’s, his girlfriend won’t angry with you… 🙂

      • omg… heeyy mannn.. its only a song.. i repeat once again.. S.O.N.G!!!
        even he doesnt do it, i dont mind. and im not supposed to push him to make it.

        you think like the way she does, then youre such a childish guy.. lmao..rofl..

  2. Wow…. memang ternyata jelas sekali ya perbedaan antara orang yg udah berpikiran dewasa dengan yang masih kekanak-kanakan. 😐

  3. Wah, kalau bahasa planet begini ane nyerah mbak. Salam kenal dulu yah.

  4. I think that you’re not fully wrong……

  5. Hey, am I less sensitive, or what, I just realized that Zhoya used the .com domain. 🙂 I thought you’re still in wordpress.com. U’ve upgraded it, right?:)

  6. agree with mr. yr, you totally wrong

  7. hi hi wizon always the king. whoa contents of his blog is beyond words. but what will not confuse the layman. okay awaited visit behind …?

  8. hmmm…nyimak dulu sambil buka google translate..hehehe…pacar baru kah…

  9. harus bawa kamus bacanya..:)

  10. romantis banget yaa fotonya?? Oh ya cara edit blog gmn ya??
    blog ane berantakan bangett??

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