Getting the Evidence with Stealth iBot

People should not be worried anymore of the bugger thing that bothers their privacy a lot. It is since very often they find that their privacy, especially the one that deals with computer is invaded by other people that use our computer. This might be able to be solved by ordering the person not to do it anymore. Yet this cannot be called as the easy thing, since people usually do not have the strong evidence of what other do with their computer.

For this, the Stealth iBot with its Key logger service is the one that understands the problem well. By installing this undetectable spy device, people will be able to know, and thus get the evidence, of other people do in their computer. The service that can be obtained are also various, starting from the most common, such as knowing the programs that are used, websites that are visited, up to the most detail, such as every single keystroke.

People can get the Stealth iBot device along with the Porn detector iBot through the internet easily. It is not only to be used to purchase the device, yet people will also be able to get the information that they need on how to install and use the device.


~ by Zhoya on July 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Getting the Evidence with Stealth iBot”

  1. nice info… 🙂
    tapi kalo seorang saya ya ga begitu mengerti dunia software..protect semaksimal mungkin kali ya.. 😀 hehee

  2. There are not free.. 🙂

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